Meet The Females of Windtara's Maine Coons

Meet Windtara's Females

Eila- PL* AmibiaL

She is a black, classic torbie, who is a sweet and loving soul. She is very vocal especially when she wants attention. Many thanks to Mirek for this exquisite girl.

Penelopez – Pl* Alwaro

She is a black, classic torbie who thinks she is the queen of the house. She is independent, charming, and sweet. Thank you, Kate, for a wonderful addition to our home.

Figi – Windtara’s

She is a black torti from Nektarcats’ Ares and Pl* Catroad’s Jacqueline. She is a very large girl with a mind of her own!! She is very loving on her own time and prefers meal time with the family. She doesn’t realize she is a cat.

Dallas – Windtara’s

She is a black classic torbie from Nektarcat’s Ares and Pl* Catroad’s Jacqueline. She is super sweet, kind, and gentle. She enjoys being with her furry friends and us humans, too.

Gabbi – Windtara’s

She is a black and silver classic tabby born to Pl* Catroad’s Josephina and Pip and Paws’ Sampson. She is delicate, sweet, and loving to all who meet her. she is vivacious and playful and enjoys activity.

Zena – Windtara’s

She is a silver-shaded, smoked torti and is our ray of sunshine. She is loving, maternal and very devoted to family. She enjoys doting on kittens even when they are not her own! She is very special to us.

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